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About Us

History in the making

A Tradition of Honor

Some time ago, two men walked into the Burton Ching showroom in San Francisco.

Marveling at the pieces before them, they inspected each aspect closely:  They slowly ran their hands across the refined polishings. They observed the precision of the dovetail-joinery and beautifully delicate inlays.  They walked slowly around the pieces, curiously peering at each piece from every angle.

Impressed, they stood back in awe of the reproduction before them, and the Burton Ching representative asked them if they had any questions.

One of them turned to ask, “A hundred years from now, how will we be able to tell the difference between this piece, and a genuine antique?”  The representative took the question as a compliment, thanking the gentlemen for his comments.

“No, really…” The man continued, “How will we be able to tell?  They’re just that good.”  As it turns out, this man was an expert examiner of fine historical antiques, and he had to admit, anyone professionally trained would have to think twice about the authenticity of our pieces.  It remains one of our greatest compliments.

So, why would it be so difficult to tell the difference between a Burton-Ching replica, and a genuine antique?  Simply put, it’s because our master craftsmen painstakingly recreate the original antique design in every sense imaginable:

If we compare our reproduction to the genuine article; The choice and quality of materials are the same.  The myriad of master techniques required to prepare and construct each piece are the same.  The iconic designs and features of each antique piece are all present, represented in the most exacting detail.  Nothing is overlooked, from the nail-less joinery, to the exclusive 13-step French polish process.  The final reproduction is every bit as genuine in form, design, and performance as its antique counterpart.

Now, it is our joy and honor to present these fine pieces to you.  We warmly invite you to experience our legacy for yourself.